10+ Ways to Use Eggshells

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Because I am a homesteader and a bit of an eco warrior, I hate throwing anything out. While this may upset my husband sometimes (I may or may not have an entire closet full of glass jars that are waiting for their new purpose), I think it has definitely decreased our environmental footprint, at least a little bit.

And so, of course, I wanted to find a use for all of the eggshells we use on a daily basis.

I went on a search for different things I can use eggshells for, and I was so surprised by how many different things you can actually use eggshells for. It’s crazy!

When I discovered all of these different uses for eggshells, I knew that I had to share this with all of you, and here we are.

I hope you enjoy this newfound knowledge as much as I did!

eggs in a bowl

VERY Important Note

It is incredibly important to only use eggshells from healthy chickens if you or your animals are going to ingest the eggshells. Eggs from factory farms can carry harmful pathogens. You should also not feed hatched eggshells to animals, as these can also carry bacteria.

How I Prepare My Eggshells

I prepare my eggshells in the oven usually because I typically use them in the garden or feed them to my chickens. I’ve found that baking them in the oven for an hour makes them easier to crush.

I have a dedicated baking sheet that I only use for eggshells.

eggshells on baking sheet

Throughout the day, I’ll add the eggshells on to the baking sheet. Then, usually right after I’m done cooking dinner, I will stick them in a 250 degree F oven for an hour. Normally I stick them in during preheat and then when the hour is up, I’ll just turn off the oven and leave them to cool in the oven overnight.

Do you have to do it this way? No, I’m just lazy sometimes, and so this is one area I don’t really care to pay super close attention.

baked eggshells

Once they are cool, I put them in a half gallon mason jar and shake the jar a bunch to break up the shells.

This shaking process is VERY therapeutic, so I typically save it for when my husband or the kids are driving me crazy and I feel like throwing something. I just grab my egg jar and start shaking it around like crazy, and after a few minutes I feel much better.

prepared eggshells in glass jars

You can also run the eggshells through your food processor, but that’s not as much fun.

All of the Ways to Use Eggshells

Alright, here we are! 10+ ways to use eggshells around the house and on the homestead.

Feed ground eggshells to your chickens

You can boost your flock’s calcium intake by mixing crushed eggshells in with their regular feed. This will save you a ton of money over time from having to buy supplements from your feed store.

Boil the eggshells in your morning coffee

While I am not a coffee drinker, so I haven’t tried this out myself, boiling eggshells in your coffee supposedly cuts down on the bitterness. Who knew?

Sprinkle eggshells around garden to deter pests

Soft-bodied critters like snails and slugs don’t like crawling over sharp eggshells pieces, so this is a great all-natural way to keep these pests out of your gardens.

Plant eggshells with your tomatoes to give them a calcium boost

Did you know that blossom-end rot is caused by calcium deficiency in the plant? You can avoid this issue by planting eggshells in the bottom of the hole when you transplant your tomatoes.

Use eggshells to start seedlings

If you don’t want to use paper pots, you can start smaller seedlings in rinsed out eggshells. And when you’re done with them, you can throw them right in your compost pile!

Put them in your compost pile

I know I just said it, but compost your leftover eggshells! They give a great calcium boost to that compost you’ve been lovingly tending, which means they will give your future plants that calcium boost.

Sow the eggshells directly into the soil

If you don’t have a compost pile, you can sow the crushed eggshells directly into the soil. As mentioned above, they will give a calcium boost to your soil and your plants.

Use crushed eggshells in your potting soil

This is similar to the above recommendation, but this time you’re using them in your indoor plants! Just mix crushed eggshells in with your potting soil to give your indoor plants a calcium boost.

Homemade sidewalk chalk

Did you know that you can make homemade sidewalk chalk with crushed eggshells? I didn’t either but I thought this was genius. Mix 5-8 finely ground eggshells with 1 tsp hot water, 1 tsp flour, and food coloring if you so desire. Pack the mix into a toilet paper roll and let it dry.

Houseplant booster

If you don’t want to mix crushed eggshells in with your potting soil, here is another way you can give you houseplants a calcium boost. Keep a mason jar with eggshells covered in water, then use that water to water your houseplants.

What do you use eggshells for?

I would love to hear your ideas and what you use eggshells for! Just leave a comment below and let us know!

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