Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

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Are you looking for fun and easy Easter crafts to do with your kids this Easter?  Look no further!  I’ve compiled 25 of the top Easter crafts for kids, just for you.

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Handprint Bunny Easter Craft

Blue and pink handprint bunny Easter craft for kids.
Image Credit: Simple Every Day Mom

Make this cute handprint bunny craft for Easter, springtime or when learning about rabbits!

Easter Chick Card Craft

Easter chick in an egg card.
Image Credit: Simple Every Day Mom

One fun tradition you can start this year is making an Easter card for someone special. This year why not make one that’s shaped like a baby chick with this cute chick card craft?

Cute Easter Egg Paper Craft

Multi colored striped and polka dot easter egg paper crafts.
Image Credit: Attachment Mummy

This Easter Egg Paper Craft is such a fun and easy Easter activity for the kids!

Paper Craft Easter Bunny Scene

Image Credit: Attachment Mummy
Looking for a fun Paper Craft Easter Scene that the kids can easily make on their own? This simple craft is perfect for Easter fun and a great way for them to use their skills and creativity to make a fun picture!

Paper Plate Easter Chick Craft

Yellow easter chick craft made from paper plate.
Image Credit: In The Playroom

This super cute paper plate chick craft is not only adorable but it’s also incredibly simple to make, meaning it’s perfect for kids as young as toddlers and preschoolers. It’s a great activity to share with your little ones, especially with Easter just around the corner.

Fine Motor PomPom Painting Easter Egg Craft

Image Credit: In The Playroom

This Pom Pom Painting Easter Egg craft is a fun way to get in some fine motor practice with the kids, and to explore painting with different materials. You could use the finished Easter egg pictures to make simple Easter cards, or turn them into seasonal Easter decorations for the home, or to decorate for your Easter Egg hunt.

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Image Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

If you have an Easter Tree these are perfect to make as DIY Easter tree ornaments. If you don’t have an Easter tree, you can still make these and hang around as Easter decorations or give as gifts for Easter. Kids love helping to make salt dough and they will have even more fun decorating these salt dough Easter eggs!

Easter Bunny Canvas Craft

White Easter bunny canvas craft on a green canvas.
Image Credit: Modge Podge Rocks Blog

This cute bunny canvas can be made in any color, and is perfect for using up leftover tissue paper. It’s a great Easter craft for kids!

Tape Resist Easter Egg Craft

Image Credit: Finding Myself Young

This tape resist Easter egg is an easy Easter paper craft for toddlers, preschoolers and school kids. The finished colourful Easter eggs make a great art display at home or in the classroom.

Scrape Painted Easter Egg Craft

Scrape painting an easter egg paper.
Image Credit: Finding Myself Young

Kids will have so much fun creating beautiful abstract Easter artwork while scrape painting our free printable egg template. These scrape painted Easter eggs are a great way for children to express their creativity, and a fun way for them to explore mark making, colour blending, textures and patterns. They’ll also be building their fine motor skills while painting.

Easter Paper Plate Wreath Craft

Pink easter wreath with pink and purple easter eggs and easter bunnies.
Image Credit: Two Pink Peonies

This Easter Paper Plate Wreathis the perfect easy Easter themed activity to set up for kids! It is low prep and low mess too.

Easter Chick Craft

Easter chick made with yellow tissue paper and glue.
Image Credit: In The Bag Kids Crafts

This adorable baby chick craft is fun and simple to make. Use the free printable craft template for even easier crafting. It’s perfect as an Easter craft or a Spring craft and can be enjoyed by kids of any age. Plus, it’s the perfect activity for fine motor fun.

Black Glue Easter Egg Craft

Easter egg craft made with paint and black glue.
Image Credit: Taming Little Monsters

This kids art idea is a fun and easy project to make either at home or in the classroom. Download your copy of the free printable templates and get crafting.

Easter Chick Puppet Craft

Easter chick puppet made with tulle and popsicle stick.
Image Credit: Two Kids and a Coupon

This cute and easy Easter Chick kids craft is the perfect project to keep your kids busy for an hour or two.

Paper Easter Egg Wreath Craft

Colored paper easter egg wreath.
Image Credit: Fireflies and Mud Pies

Whether you need something for the kids to present to grandparents or want to have a craft option available while Easter dinner prep concludes, this easy Paper Easter Egg Wreath is perfect.

Easter Egg Sun Catcher Craft

Easter egg suncatcher made with tissue paper.
Image Credit: Crafts By Amanda

Tissue paper suncatchers have been around forever. They are fun to make and so pretty to look at. Today, we’re going to show you how to make an Easter Egg Suncatcher that’ll get you and the kids in the spirit of spring and Easter!

Easter Egg Holders

Easter bunny easter egg holders made out of toilet paper rolls.
Image Credit: Honey And Lime

Our DIY Easter egg holders are lots of fun to make. This toilet paper roll bunny craft is really cute and makes the perfect egg stand!

Printable Easter Glasses

Easter egg glasses and easter bunny glasses made from paper.
Image Credit: Picklebums

Not being content with just a boring old hat for the school Easter parade, my kids wanted something a little more fancy, and a lot more crazy. So of course I was up for the challenge, and we made these fun printable Easter glasses!

Easter Egg Garland Craft

Easter egg garland made from painted paper.
Image Credit: Picklebums

This easy to make free printable Easter egg garland is a fun craft to do with your kids and it will look great decorating your home or classroom.

Easter Garland w/ Eggs and Chicks

Easter egg garland made with colored paper eggs.
Image Credit: Red Ted Art

This is a fun Easter Egg and Easter chick craft for kids of all ages – whether you are crafting with preschoolers, or older kids, this Easter Banner is so cute and easy to make!

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