Top 13 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Elementary Kids

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I am always on the lookout for cute crafts for my kiddos, and this Valentine’s Day is no exception.

As always, when in need, I reached out to my fellow mom bloggers and asked them for their top easy Valentine’s Day crafts for elementary age kids, and they didn’t disappoint.

Here are their top craft picks for this Valentine’s Day.

Easy Pressed Flower Valentine’s Day Cards

If you’re looking for a cute custom Valentine idea, look no further than these easy pressed flower Valentine’s Day cards!

This Valentine’s Day craft is perfect for older kiddos.

Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Pocket People

These pocket people are adorable, and the perfect Valentine’s Day craft to house all of your Valentine’s!

They also use supplies from the Dollar Store, and are super easy to make.

Valentine’s Day Q-Tip Painted Heart

This Valentine’s Day craft is super easy to do with kids of any age.

Just cut out a few paper hearts, lay out q-tips and paint, and let your kiddos have at it!

Easy Valentine’s Day Chalk Pastel Heart

I absolutely love this Valentine’s Day craft. It is really easy for kids to do, and it comes out looking awesome.

This blog post also offers a free printable template to make this Valentine’s Day craft even easier.

Valentine’s Day Melted Crayon Art

These melted crayon hearts are the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for your kiddos to make for their Valentine’s.

It’s a great way to use up those small bits of crayons that always seem to be lying around, and they make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

DIY Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Gift Box

These Valentine’s Day gift boxes are so cute! And they are really easy to make.

Whip these Valentine’s Day crafts up with your kiddos, and give them as gifts this year!

Valentine’s Day Heart Suncatcher

These easy Valentine’s Day heart suncatchers are so easy to make!

Plus, this Valentine’s Day craft doubles as a decoration (how awesome is that?!).

Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft

Your kids will love making this Valentine’s Day handprint craft.

And it also makes a great keepsake!

Valentine’s Day Torn Paper Heart Craft

This torn paper heart craft is another super easy Valentine’s Day craft.

I’m sure your kids will enjoy making a few of these!

Valentine’s Day Process Art Craft

This Valentine’s Day craft is a great activity for younger kiddos.

Just set out a bunch of art supplies, and let them have fun!

Easy Valentine’s Day Box Craft

No Valentine’s Day is complete without making a Valentine’s Day box craft!

These Valentine’s Day boxes are super easy to make with your kids.

Popsicle Stick Heart Valentine’s Day Craft

These adorable popsicle stick hearts are an adorable Valentine’s Day craft to make with your kiddos.

Plus they are sooooo easy to make.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Day Owl Craft

Aren’t these Valentine’s Day owls adorable?

They are a great Valentine’s Day craft to make with your older kiddos (although even my 5 year old loved to make them with my help!).

And that’s it for the top Valentine’s Day crafts!

I hope you found some inspiration within these posts for some great Valentine’s Day crafts to make with your kiddos this year!

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