Fun Easter Activities for Kids

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Are you looking for fun Easter activities for your kids this year?  Look no further!  I reached out to my fellow blogging moms and they sent me their best and brightest ideas for fun Easter activities.  Read on to find inspiration for your Easter celebration!

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Easter Bunny Activity Sheets for Kids

Mock up of Easter activity sheets for kids.
Image Credit: Simple Everyday Mom

Kids will be excited to learn with these Easter bunny activity sheetsthat combine cute and fun bunny illustrations with tasks that strengthen developmental skills.

Fun Fizzy Easter Science Activity for Kids

Image Credit: Taming Little Monsters

Kids always love a baking soda and vinegar experiment, this fun science activity never gets old. The Fizzy Easter Science Activity is a fun twist on this fun experiment. You can try it at home with your kids or in the classroom with your students.

Easter Bunny Hop Game

Image Credit: Taming Little Monsters

Are you looking for a fun way to develop gross motor skills? Or maybe you just need a way for your kids to burn off some of their extra energy. This Easter Bunny Hop Game is an easy way to get toddlers and preschoolers moving and having fun this Easter. 

Natural Easter Egg Dye

Naturally dyed Easter eggs in an egg carton.
Image Credit: The Peachee Pear

This Natural Easter Egg Dye is a fun and natural way to dye Easter eggs using all food items. No need to use food coloring or artificial dyes made with harmful chemicals. Instead, we use food items such as turmeric, red cabbage, and beets. This process is both fun and educational for kids as it doubles as a cool science project. 

Printable Easter Bingo

Easter bingo sheet printed out on table.
Image Credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

With the game being mostly images, it’s easy for kids of all ages to play. So go grab some Easter candy (Mini Eggs, anyone?!), print out the Bingo sets, and get playing!

DIY Crystal Egg Geodes

Easter egg shells geodes in multiple colors on a table.
Image Credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

It’s not your typical Easter craft, but your kids are going to love it. After peeling your colorfully dyed Easter eggs, save the shells to create some gorgeous geode-like crystals. Kids will have a blast helping throughout the process, and the results are amazing! I hope you have a great time doing a little bit of Easter science!

Easter Basket Hunt Idea with Printable Clues

Easter basket hunt clues printed out on table.
Image Credit: Making Mom Magic

Okay so here’s the idea of the hunt- they get their first clue, which leads to the next, and so on until they find their Easter basket. This is a fun twist on what we think of as the traditional Easter egg hunt, and you could even incorporate that into this idea as well for a really fun Easter tradition.

Easter Egg Roll Activity

Family playing Easter egg roll game in driveway.
Image Credit: Red Ted Art

Join us for Easter Egg Roll Activity – a quick craft and Easter game for the whole family to enjoy on Easter Sunday! We do love a cracking (get it?) Family Easter Game or two!

Free Printable Easter Worksheets for Kids

Easter worksheets for kids printed out on table.
Image Credit: Modern Mom Life

Discover the fun of learning with our free printable Easter worksheets for kids! Packed with engaging activities, puzzles, and coloring pages that celebrate the Easter spirit, these worksheets are sure to make learning exciting.

Fun Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Mockup of an Easter coloring page.
Image Credit: Two Kids and a Coupon

Have a “hoppy” holiday with these fun Easter coloring pages for kids and adults. Print them for your family!

Free Printable Candy Dice Game for Easter

Image Credit: Two Kids and a Coupon

Print this free printable candy dice game for Easter to continue the fun after the Easter egg hunt is done! Print it for your family! 

Easter Color By Number Sheet

Printed out Easter color by number page on a table.
Image Credit: The Best Ideas for Kids

These free printable Easter Color By Numberpages are a fun indoor activity to do for Easter! Kids can use crayons, markers or colored pencils to color them in. These would be great to use at home or church for a mess-free activity!

Easter Egg Letter Hunt

Plastic Easter eggs in a basket with foam letters.
Image Credit: Messy Little Monster

This fun Easter Egg Letter Hunt ticks all the boxes! It’s super fun, it keeps the kids active and there is a learning element to it too.  Kids love going on hunts and this Easter themed hunt is perfect for kids learning the letters of the alphabet. 

Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Image Credit: Mama Cheaps

Print out a copy of our Easter Scavenger Hunt for kids and let the kids try to spy (and check off) each item on the list!  From chocolate bunnies to plastic eggs, from a cross to an Easter basket – this one is a lot of fun! 

Easter Egg Play Dough Activity Mat Printable

Printed out Easter play doh mat with play doh on it.
Image Credit: Mama Cheaps

Play dough is always a fun activity and this printable is a great way to combine the holiday with some play dough time! Here is a great printable activity that your kids are sure to enjoy. Grab some play dough and use our printable Easter egg play dough mat for the perfect boredom buster or Easter activity.

Candy Tic Tac Toe Easter Game

Image Credit: Mama Cheaps

Candy Tic Tac Toe is such a fun activity to add to your parties or holiday dinners! Let the kids play with their food to create a board and play the game.

Free Easter Printable Cipher Wheel Activity

Mockups of printable Easter cipher wheel and activity sheets.
Image Credit: Homeschool of 1

Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and what better way to add a fun, educational twist to it than with an Easter printable cipher wheel. This unique activity not only brings the spirit of Easter into your home or classroom but also challenges young minds with engaging cryptography.

DIY Pin the Tail on the Bunny Easter Game

Girl playing pin the tail on the Easter bunny game.
Image Credit: Room Mom Rescue

Whether you are planning the spring class party or just looking for something to keep your kiddos occupied while you recover from that epic Easter egg hunt, this DIY Pin the Tail on the Bunny Easter game is a perfect indoor Easter activity for kids.

Want more Easter activities?  Check out our post on fun and easy Easter crafts!

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